英語聽力與口說(B) (English Listening and Oral Training(B))
Summer English Listening and Oral Training is designed to help students improve their communication skills and develop the ability to engage critically with the world. All the learning activities for each lesson will give students the opportunities to practice not only the listening skill, but also the speaking skill. Ultimately, the students are expected to apply the knowledge in their daily life situations. Since the class will be conducted in an interactive teaching method, the students will be grouped to participate in pairs or small teams in order to deliver a presentation and complete the assigned projects.
By the end of the course, students will be able to:
-Initiate, continue, and end social conversations
-Propose/ask questions appropriately and clearly in formal occasions
-Narrate an event and describe objects
-Summarize reading and listening content
-Express opinions regarding reading and listening materials

講述Lecture: 25  %
35  %
小組活動Group Activity: 25  %
數位學習E-learning: 15   %

1 Selected articles and listening materials