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1. Language Teaching beyond Language Learning: ‘Academicizing’ Language Programs at Universities in Taiwan     Herbert Hanreich

2. Coordinating Aesthetic Stance and Efferent Reading in Poetry Teaching    Shen, Fu-Yuan

3. Problems in Intercultural Communication: An Inter-University Study on Chinese Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong, and Pedagogical Insights    Lee, Fong-King

4. The Effect of Focused and Unfocused Direct Written Corrective Feedback on a New Piece of Writing     David Frear

5. Learners’ Anxieties on Posting Their Own Speeches on Youtube.com: Facilitative or Debilitative?    Pong, Ken-Hung

6. EFL Online Reading for Adult Learners.     Kong Nam-Hee

7. Who Wants EIL? Attitudes towards English as an International Language: A Comparative Study of College Teachers and Students in the Greater Taipei Area     Liou, Yi-Shin