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1. 台灣之大學生對於「中文拼音」使用能力之研究 —以政大學生為例     周志民

2. Student and Instructor Feedback regarding Motivational Impact of Nine Week Freshman English Modules   Christian Venhuizen

3. Use of Alternative Assessment in Evaluating College Students’ Listening Proficiency Through Collaborative Tasks   劉蕙君

4. Email Miscommunication between EFL and NES Students in Virtual Communities Interplay of Asynchrony and Asymmetry   劉怡君

5. 大學生英語學習態度與自主學習之研究    陳佳琦

6. Integrating an Online Learning Community into Non-major Freshman English Instruction    劉美惠

7. Implementing Content-Based Instruction in College English Teaching   金石平

8. The Design and Implementation of an English Mobile Learning Activity   車蓓群、林翰儀

9. Motivational Strategies with Task Design in a College English Music Course   Paul Cameron